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I am a creative, dynamic, forward and deadline driven hybrid Creative Producer with a unique blend of integrated skills across video production, advertising, writing and content.

I have eight years pre/post production experience in broadcast, content, advertising, events and entertainment. I am looking to use my skills as a creative content producer who can oversee creative conception, copywriting and production.


Freelance Creative Producer, BBC Studios (Showcase 2019 and Brand Design), London, United Kingdom

Dec 2018 – July 2019

-        Natural History project for Glastonbury 2019

-        I worked on BBC showcase 2019 evening event.

-        I conceptualised ideas for various campaigns.

-        Creatively edit and copyright on a various project.


Freelance Creative / Copywriter, Fall Off the Wall – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Sept 2018 – Oct 2018

-        I worked on a varied range of Sky short-form video content and radio scripts.

-        I copyrighted and conceptualised ideas for ads within a CGI and 3d animation remit


Freelance Creative, MTV UK – Viacom International, London, United Kingdom

Aug 2018 – Sept 2018

-        I created the official MTV UK Promo for ‘Refreshers week presented by Strongbow’. The official promo is to be aired on commercial television and various Viacom channels.


Freelance Creative Producer, Scripps Network – Travel Channel, London, United Kingdom

                                                                             2018 May – 2018 May

-        I created 3 x 30” promotional trails for Travel Channel South Africa featuring Road Trip Eats, Wheels, and Places, all which had a road trip theme. As these promos would be running the duration of the summer, I wanted to have a distinctive difference whilst still giving a connection to all three promos.

-        To attain this, I decided to unconventionally, create a light script, mixed with sync from the shows and chose music that one would not normally associate with a promo. It was vital to use the same VO artist for all three promos which would offer a subtle nudge to their connections.

-        I also created 1 x 60” Travel Channel South Africa and EMEA Brand Spot, which consisted of five programs, which would run over the summer period.

-        The idea was to highlight five unique shows that play on the travel channel.



Freelance Creative Producer, BBC Studios – CEMA/WE Team (Promos), London, United Kingdom

2018 Feb – 2018 April

-        I developed and created effective high-level promotional campaigns and trails based on marketing briefs, whilst keeping in the parameters of the budget and timeline I had for each project.

-        I worked proactively with the creative director to develop and maximize creative, devising creative solutions for key promotions and off-air materials.

-        In order to execute my given projects, I used my technical production and creative skills to deliver the most innovative and effective campaigns. Using various routes such as specially shooting scenes, animation, clip based material, use of strong visual imagery, motion/graphic design, audio design, music, sync and voice over.

-        In order to maximize my time and recourses, I constantly researched voice over artists picking the voice that I believed would deliver the best tone to encompass the project and drive the particular message home. To ensure this I attended audio sessions, working with Sound Designers and directing voice over artists.  

-        As well as negotiating with clients to amend ideas in line with their wishes, I would explain what was possible within the parameters to maintain expectations.

-        Above all, I consistently created high quality promos that reflected the channel’s brand values and marketing proposition, promoting the featured program. I created unique, distinctive, and outstanding ideas for on-air promotion and executed those ideas into promos.

-        Importantly, I developed and maintained strong working relationships with internal, external clients and partners.



Freelance Creative Producer, BBC Worldwide Central Team (Showcase), London, United Kingdom

2018 Jan – 2018 Feb

-        I was the Creative Producer for BBC Worldwide Showcase 2018 evening event, creating content targeting guests from Asia, LATAM, ANZ, UK, Press, BBC World, CEMA, Western Europe, North America, Content (Talent and Indies Partners), BBCW VIP (CEO, BBC Board and Guests) and Northern Europe.

-        During the evening, guests were moved through three different worlds via interconnecting walkways. Each world had different ambiences which reflected BBCs content in a rich and immersive way.

-        I created soundscapes for the rooms, the Serengeti 10min video that ran on a loop, and the 50th anniversary moon landing video which included PTC from Buzz Aldrin.

-        In order to achieve this, I attended meetings with the production company of Serengeti and BBC Stakeholders to view content that had not been seen by the public. I also attended theses meetings to request material in which I would use to create the content for the event. Seeing as my work would be giving the selected guest a first look at the broadcaster’s latest natural history program Serengeti I was intrusted with highly classified and expensive material.

-        We took our clients from around the globe on an immersive experience, reliving the anticipation and excitement of 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took mankind’s first steps on the lunar surface.

-        We accomplished this by projecting this film on giant screens that took the full length of the Liverpool arena at our BBC WW showcase event. This film included a special PTC from Buzz Aldrin and spectacular archive footage. Hydros simulated the rocket launch with an earth-trembling audio bed making the arena shake, creating a 4D experience. An actor recreated the moment the astronauts made it safely back to earth.

Key Achievements


-        Amazing feedback from all levels at the BBC and great feedback from press.

- “Incredible Monday gala night at #bbcshowcase2018 with a great performance from Goldfrapp #bbcshowcase #dinner #goldfrapp #gala#partytime” - Instagram



Freelance Creative Producer, BBC Worldwide – Central Team (MIPCOM), London, United Kingdom

2017 Aug – 2017 Oct

-        I sorted through 300+ programs in order to create engaging two/three-minute content for each program that will dominate the audience's attention and best describe each show, thus gaining deals and partnerships for MIPCOM 2017 (Cannes Lions TV & Content Festival).

-        Once these were sorted, I edited and created infographic titles for each program.



Freelance Creative Senior Producer – Director, CP+B (Crispin Porter & Bogusky), London, United Kingdom

2017 May – 2017 June

-        I used cost-benefit analysis and budget forecasting in order to analyse the best use of the clients budget.
-        Created, edited, directed and oversaw television idents, television adverts, radio and online videos for UK and the European market (TVC and ATL).
-        Controlled the budget and allocated resources.
-        Ensured all INFINITI idents for both UK Discover and French Canal + spots were editorially accurate and in accordance with INFINITI brand guidelines, as well as in technical compliance for play out.
-        Organised, conducted and spear headed VO sessions of UK and European VO artists. Making sure tonality and expression is consistent and on brand with INFINITI.
-        Acted as a sounding board for the client and directors.
-        Built and developed a network of contacts.
-        Supervised the progress of all the UK and French television Idents, Television Adverts Radio spots, and online Video from production to post production.
-        Pulled together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team.
-        Read, researched and assessed ideas and finished scripts.

Key Achievements

I went above and beyond my title as a Senior Producer and took on a more hands on approach to creatively edit and create over 23 unique and distinctive Idents for both UK Discovery and French Canal +. Resulting in a superior recognition, from the Clients INFINITI, Superior members of staff to the channel networks



Freelance Creative Video Editor ALLSAINTS Retail Ltd, London, United Kingdom

2017 May – Present

-        Developed and created promotional campaigns based on creative & marketing briefs.
-        Used strong video editing and design skills to generate strong visual imagery, design, audio design, music, sync and voice over to create concepts that best met the brief and ensured output is highly targeted and respected ALLSAINTS values.
-        Creatively ensured logical sequencing and smooth running.
Created online social media video content (GIFS, memes and avant-garde short form eye catching video content) for Instagram,facebook, Youtube and website marketing.



Creative - Mastering, SKY UK Limited, London, United Kingdom

2015 Mar – 2016 Dec

-        I sorted through 300+ programs in order to create engaging two/three-minute content for each program that will dominate the audience's attention and best describe each show, thus gaining deals and partnerships for MIPCOM 2017 (Cannes Lions TV & Content Festival).

-        Once these were sorted, I edited and created infographic titles for each program.

-        Writing compelling scripts & direct edit, graphics, and audio process steps

Key Achievements

Personally picked by senior member of the presentation team to create an internal corporate video introducing the c-suite executives for Mitie Group Plc. This video was well received throughout the business.

Even though it was out of my remit I was implored and in-trusted by senior management to liaise with Fox America to master and add VFX to Ethan Hawke on Chet Baker – Lets Get Lost documentary for SKY Arts.



Creative Production, Co-coordinator -Manager, BBC Creative – Red Bee Media, London, United Kingdom

2011 – 2015

-        Formerly known as Red Bee Media and a subsidiary of BBC Ltd
-        Organised, coordinated and attended UK filming shoots for high profile TVC’s and content production. The Voice, Strictly Come Dancing, Luther, Barclays, Hyundai, Pets at Home, Tesco and many more.
-        Hiring of staff at all levels.
-        Reviewed and advised pre and post-production requirements and procedures.
-        Built and maintained key relationships with varying stakeholders.
-        Assisted on channel branding and indents.
-        Offline editing and creating innovative ideas for trailers, promotions, content and creative vision throughout production. 
Responsible for developing online reputation by managing the companies website. Regularly updating the website with relevant information and video to generate inbound traffic.
-        Managing Production Budgets of up to £80,000

Key Achievements

Repeatedly hand-picked along with directors and senior creatives to pitch on high profile campaigns.

Managed the company’s content campaigns by redesigning and implementing an effective strategy and database to keep all various video content safe and assessable, which decreased production time by 30%.


Other Experience

Radio Presenter, Pulse88 Radio, London, United Kingdom

2014 Oct  – 2015 Jan

-        Introduced and hosted well know programs, interviewed guest both in the studio, on location, via phone and video calling.
-        Researched, planned and provided viable content for the show.
-        Strategically planned and executed details and planning for ensuring the show ran smoothly

Actress, Presenter and Poet, Orr Management, London, United Kingdom

2009 – 2018

-        Provided professional acting skills through Theatre, Film, TV and online work.
-        The face of Sony Experia Z3 world Ad Campaign 2015.


Core Features

·       Creative Vision
·       Social Media
·       Self-Motivated
·       Strategic Creative Processing for Videos
·       Strategic Creative Processing for Videos

·       Communication Skills
·       Multi-Platform Experience
·       Sales & Marketing
·       Technical Inclination
…& more


IT Skills

-        Premier Pro
-        After Effects
-        Adobe Illustrator
-        Adobe Photoshop
-        FCP
-        Avid


BA (Honors) Acting Studies – Upper 2:1
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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