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Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine_30"

Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

Client: BBC Worldwide


Create an insightful fresh perspective promotional Video to promote Gordon Ramsay’s new program (Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine). Target audience Polish age range mid 20-35s.



Gordon Ramsey is well known as is cocaine. So, creating an action packed, direct toned promo was key. Gordon Ramsay is very candid about his experiences and goes to extreme lengths in his investigation.

My main concept was ‘Heartbeat’.

The heart beats in order for blood to travel around one’s body, this was used as the metaphor for cocaine being made and distributed around the world. From making the drug to selling it. The countries in which Cocaine is made is the heart, if this ends there would be no cocaine so if the heart stops beating there will be no more blood circulating around the body.

The heart beat also gives a sense of suspense.



Creative Producer: Victoria Oshodin                    Online Video Editor:  Jonathan Moniatis

Sound Designer: Aaron

Voice Over Artist: Evelyn Otokito

Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine_30"